People & Values

Our mission is to improve strong brands’ market communication.

Since the year 2000, Resolut has developed its whole product suite. We do this especially well for clients who work in a geographically dispersed organization.

We do implementation, handle support and develop our Customers MRM experiences with skilled personnel from our offices in Sweden and the US. We take care of our Customers!

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Strong brands
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People make the difference

Close to our Customers
We work close together with our customers and we are proud of our Customers.

Our Customers refer to the marketing product suite Resolut MRM, Marketing Resource Management, as their Marketing Toolbox.

We take care of our personnel.
We know that taking care of our personnel gives effect on how we treat our Customers.

We’re passionate and experienced team who love helping our clients with standout marketing solutions and services.

Resolut Management Team

We’re passionate and experienced management team who together with our coworkers and partners love helping our clients with standout marketing solutions and services.


Calle Nilsson

Head of Product

Calle started 2003 at Resolut and has gathered a lot of experience from Resolut in different positions. Today he works as the Head of Product and combines his experiences from different positions at Resolut.

Calle has been a team member of the production team, followed by Production Manager and then Client Manager for larger customer accounts.

With these experiences, Calle makes the product as easy as possible for customers to use. Calle’s mission is to develop a global product that is even simpler to use than it is today and by combining opportunities to deliver higher leverage.


Janina Hoestbo

Head of Client Relations

Janina has more than a decade of experience from Resolut in different positions. Today she works as Head of Client Relations and she combines her experiences from different positions at Resolut.

She has been a team member of the production team, followed by Production Manager and then Client Manager for larger customer accounts.

With these experiences, Janina communicates the possibilities with the products and services to current customers to deliver higher leverage. Janinas mission is also to increase awareness to new customers and their marketing departments were we see that our products would help to streamline the marketing processes.


Tommy Liikamaa


Tommy has experience since year 2000 from Resolut. Today he uses his broad experiences in the role as the CIO.

Before Resolut his job was as a system development programmer and IT Project Manager. The years at Resolut has included roles as works as Resoluts System Architect, IT Project Manager, Scrum Master and System Development Manager.

Tommys´ main responsibility is to facilitate the work for the development department. And to make sure that Resoluts´ overall business goals is ever present. Where one of the most important business goals is to develop easy to use tools for customers.


Christer Karlsson

Production Manager

Christer has since June 2001 been the main responsible for the production team as Production Manager at Resolut.

Christer is today Production Manager for a larger team in Stockholm, Sweden and a smaller team in Bangalore, India. The productions teams mission is to implement, give service and support to customers.

Christer has a broad experience of what customer wants and with his team he make sure that they get their delivery in time and with high quality.


Courtney Bonser

Product Specialist – United States

Courtney joined Resolut in 2016 in the role of Product Specialist. Courtney is an integral part of building the U.S. market. She works directly with our clients on marketing strategy and program implementation.

Prior to joining Resolut, Courtney spent 16 years in sales and marketing where her projects centered on increasing brand awareness and customer engagement in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods marketplace.


Guy D’Andrea

Managing Director – United States

At Resolut Guy is responsible for the expansion of the Resolut product suite in the US market. Guy’s focus is helping our client’s align and distribute their marketing assets effectively throughout their local markets in a structured way for the entire organization.

Before joining Resolut, Guy was a founding partner at Thomas Direct, a leading marketing agency serving a broad range of Fortune 500 companies for nearly two decades.


Resolut Core Values

Our core values: Simplicity, Commitment & Passion, Having fun and Long-term.

Working with us and our product is easy. Doing business with us is easy. Getting started with our tools and becoming a client is easy. Getting user support and service is easy. Getting updates and becoming part of further development is easy. Giving suggestions about improvements is easy. All in all, we are easy to deal with.

Commitment and passion
Our passion is to deliver marketing tools that are simple to use and that are valuable to our clients. Commitment and passion is contagious. This permeates every part of our organization. Our commitment and passion for what we do is to make our clients happy.

We know from experience that patience and certain conditions are required in order to create a passionate commitment. That is true for us, our clients, and our partners. For us, being passionate means focusing on what we do well and what is valuable to our clients. When you meet us you will know what we mean.

Having fun
For employees, clients, or partners, it should be fun to work at or with Resolut. Having fun means a lot of different things to us. We also know that resources are required in order to dare to opt out and instead focus on the right things.

We like when the application of our products is innovative. We like developing, implementing, and supporting clients. We like when our clients testify that they get high business value from us. We like when we develop together with our clients. We like when the result is satisfying, both for us and our clients. We like to meet our clients. And we like to have the privilege to always help more clients.

We like when our partners are successful. We like when they sell our tools and deliver solutions to new clients. We like when our employees are happy and have increased responsibility and personal development. We like to have a stimulating climate at the company. Last but not least, we like a good laugh during coffee breaks.

We have a long-term perspective in everything we do. We don’t focus on short-term solutions. Therefore, we have discarded short-term consulting solutions and focused on our product series to integrate with clients’ systems to ease the workday. We also do not have different platforms or updates of different licenses; instead, we have one model for all clients.

We do not have external capital and have built the company and products gradually, with clients connecting over time. We attend to our client relations on a long-term perspective, with the result being long-term client relations. And we are proud of that!

Resolut – part of The BrandMaster group

Since February 15th 2019 Resolut is part of the BrandMaster group. BrandMasters history is productive and resourceful. Since the establishment, the goal has been to grow gradually and sensible upon providing marketers with modern and transparent digital tools. Through dedication and resourceful employees driving and developing marketing and brand management solutions, BrandMaster have had a strong and prosperous organic growth.

Throughout the years, BrandMaster has acquired expertise and know-how within our domain. With fast moving trends in the marketing and brand segment, BrandMaster have also focused on growth through acquisitions of complementary companies to ensure continuous advancement of the future product development and offerings.

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