Benefits for
strong brands
with Resolut MRM

Streamline the marketing

Collect, share, adapt, and distribute marketing material quickly and simply. Plan, give, and get an overview of all marketing activities. Enable marketing through important channels and follow up, evaluate, and improve. Resolut MRM comes with a built in infrastructure that supports the marketing process.


Strengthen and increase brand control throughout the value chain

The brand and the content are secured through the entire value chain. Our clients say that they achieve order and consistency in their marketing.


Easily Inform Users

Inform all or groups of users about upcoming activities, campaigns, and new material through user-friendly templates to create and update websites as well as combine material by communicating with the Mail tool, if needed.


Provide an overview and follow up on marketing activities

Give everyone in the organization an overview of marketing activities. Resolut MRM is also a management tool. Use the dashboard and reports that show what your users do and how they work with marketing to enable you to continuously improve your marketing.


Collect and share digital assets

Collect and make your marketing material available as well as all your digital assets. Control user rights for materials and use it for marketing through different channels. Or, simply use the tool to collect your images.


Simplify your local marketing

Marketing material is easily accessible and localized in centrally produced templates. Local users are able to increase marketing initiatives and follow brand guidelines, while making it easy to follow up on what has been done and ensuring quality.


Display numbers smarter and simplify reporting for everyone

Display numbers smarter and simplify reporting for everyone
Manage numbers from any data source and streamline the follow ups. There are solutions available to simplify the budget, compare sales, and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), in smart dashboards with calculation options.


Time to Market

The marketing department directly reaches local marketers with marketing material and suggested activities, while local marketers can in turn adapt the marketing and distribute material to their clients. Send out campaigns quickly and efficiently with products that support coordination of central campaigns with local initiatives.


Decrease marketing cost

Decrease the marketing cost, without compromising. Focus efforts and streamline marketing. Companies using Resolut MRM experience decreasing marketing costs—centrally and regionally and locally in the organization.


Simple to use

Work on the right things within your company. Most users have time constraints, making simplicity important. Simple and efficient features simplify the Resolut MRM product line for all users.


Flexible in features and looks

Regardless of whether one or many products are chosen, the solution can be customized to your brand. Every client chooses products that best fit their needs.


Ensure that your products and services are marketed

If your resellers work with other products, it is extremely important that your products and services are specifically marketed. Simplicity and availability are keywords for all Resolut products. We also have tools for market support.


Easy to get started

With Resolut MRM Setup Wizard you get a running start. Our vision is for everyone in your organization working with marketing on a daily basis, or from time-to-time, to streamline their marketing process.

More benefits with Resolut MRM

Resolut MRM is a well-established, powerful and easy to use marketing solution, with a built-in infrastructure perfect for the geographical spread organization. Resolut MRM helps leading brands manage and execute marketing programs through local businesses and partners that sell their products & services.

Strong brands teams around the world, or throughout different business units, share their marketing plans, manage workflows and let marketing material be personalized. Use our templates with your built-in brand guidelines in order to let you carry out marketing across print, digital, social, and mobile media in collaboration with local marketers. We have a series of reporting opportunities that help marketers strengthen and improve their ways of working. Either follow what has been done in the tools or show data from your business tools to generate individual and management reports. All from sales, market share, budget and co-op funds.

We divide the marketing product suite in areas that work seamlessly together. Areas such as Activity Planning, Marketing Asset Management, Local Marketing in Multi-channels and Performance Analytics.


Activity Planning

Resolut Activity Planning is used to distribute an overview of activities in a structured way for the whole organization. Tools suits well both central and local marketers. The tools also offer other opportunities with detailed views and functionalities, such as central and local budget.

Set goals, target audiences, collect correlated marketing material and do the budget for marketing initiatives. Resolut deliver an integrated suite of products and we use the opportunity to combine Activity Planning tools with our dashboards functionalities and reports found in the Performance suite.

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Marketing Asset Management

Assemble, share and order marketing and brand assets in one single location customized for your organization.

Resolut MAM empowers the whole organisation and it´s easy to use, has a solid support, built with security, feature-rich and well established, proven by many strong brands.
Store, organize and share files all through one common interface. Show the brand guidelines with the right files for logotypes and fonts. Assemble articles from many vendors in one place.

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Local Multi-channel

Ensure that local partners are following your brand guidelines. You know the power of a consistent brand message. Customers recognize and remember your brand, your message and your products.

Resolut MRM makes it easy for local marketers to customize materials from templates. The ready-made material can be used for channels, such as email marketing, direct mail, ads and prints, sales material, social media, animated banners, in store signage and a few more that you find here below. We constantly develop our tools and expand the number of channels.

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Save time and money by visualizing any data for each level in the organization in a simple way. Aggregate the data across all of your local partners.
For example visualize budget, sales, co-op programs and market share. The possibilities are endless and you can combine your own KPI:s in a smart dashboard.

Resolut MRM performance gives brands the capability to plan, execute, and measure large scale marketing campaigns, activities and budgets with the local businesses that sell their products and services. The platform will quickly pay for itself as efficiency in marketing operations increases and adaption levels in partner marketing programs drive up overall sales.

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