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Case Study

At Resolut, we are committed to our customers' success. Below are a few examples of how we helped our customers to more effectively inform, collect, share, adapt, and distribute marketing material throughout their organizations.

BMW Aftersales North America


BMW Aftersales North America, part of a Global premium automotive brand.


Lower cost for campaign launches.

Inform everyone in the organization step by step.

Go from print to digital and interactive format.


Resolut Campaign Manager

Gives BMW a tool that makes information about campaigns more fun for everyone. Sustainable and interactive.


Always updated in a cost saving solution.

Keeps everyone informed and updated.

Sustainable and a more creative solution.


With the Campaign Manager we now inform everyone in our organization in a smooth and easy way.

Coca-Cola European Partners


Coca-Cola Enterprises, a major fast-moving consumer goods business in Europe and the world’s largest independent Coca-Cola bottler.


Sell more Coca-Cola drinks through restaurants.

Find a powerful & simple tool for own sellers.

Include ordering and co-op funding capabilities.


Resolut Ads & Print

Coca-Cola Enterprise make it simple to create professional ads and print material that follows brand guidelines and is simple to reuse.


High visibility at restaurants increased sales.

Marketing responsible got high-fives from 58 sales reps.

Simple to create and place order.


58 sellers from Coca-Cola did ”high-five” in a conference seating and that has never happened before.



Largest Mail & Logistics solution provider in the Nordics.


Lacking an overview of campaigns and activities.

Need to follow all activities & budgets.

Joint management tool for all divisions and countries.


Resolut Marketing Planner

Assists Post Nord in planning, publishing, and following up on marketing activities.


Overview with a positive impact.

All activities in one place.

Follow the whole organizations activities in one tool.


A tool that combines all employees who work with communication activities and brands.



YAMAHA with an ever-expanding line that includes motorcycles, outboard motors, ATVs, personal watercraft, boats and much more.


Find one tool for all product lines in 11 languages.

Gather all product information.

Offer dealers price signs with local prices and financing offers.


Resolut Marketing PIM with Resolut Ads & Print

Makes it easy for Yamaha to get product info into ads, product fact leaflets, and price signs.

Connects product data and images to templates.


One single platform for all product lines and languages.

Dealers use predesigned templates and create price signs fast and simple.

Brand consistency.


Eleven countries dealers make price signs with all our products together with nancing o ers and it always looks great

Mazda Nordics


Mazda Nordics, part of a global automotive brand.


Lower cost for local users.

Supplement to central campaigns .

Finding a tool that simple enough for local marketers.


Resolut Animated Banners

A Mazda dealer can in 1 minute choose, edit and publish a HTML5 banner for their own website or purchased web space.


Low cost to create a banner from a template.

Stronger recognition with coordinated campaigns

Userfriendly and follows the graphic guidelines.


We update our banner campaigns faster than ever before.



Toyota, one of the world’s largest automotive brands.


Simplify the Market Support process.

Gain a better understanding of use of all support money.

Get an instant overview of spending.


Resolut Co-op Funding

Simplify the co-op application process and view the possible support funds, what is approved, and what can be paid to the dealer.


Streamlined Market Support process.

Simple for Dealers to apply.

Simple for all to follow spend and support by category without delays.


The process of managing co-op funding has gone from time consuming and hard to fast and easy.

Johnsson & Johnsson


A pharma company within one of the top ten largest global companies.


Manage high visibility program related documents from multiple internal and external stakeholders.

Provide control for internal and external stakeholders

Access program related documents easily and quickly for audit and regulatory review


Resolut Document Library

Resolut Online Review Tool

Resolut Compliance Scheduler

Provide a single repository to store all program related documentation, streamline the contract review process, and organize program related materials and timelines.


Integration of documents and schedules in a single platform.

Provide the ability to approve, track, and audit documents.

Easily manage and streamline the review process of contracts and related statements of work.

Plan, collect, organize and follow-up on program-related documentation milestones so deadlines are met.

Reduce= regulatory risk associate with high visibility programs, streamline workflow and provide needed infrastructure and support for critical programs.


Simple & Quick! The portal has saved us countless hours from having to search through multiple systems, emails and desktops for the important documents we need for our high-risk programs.

BMW North America


BMW North America and Aftersales Marketing, part of a global premium brand.


Management lacked the ability to confirm dealer participation across campaigns.

Need for measuring which dealers were performing and to validate dealer requests for support.


Resolut Sales & Marketing Dashboard. Customized Dealer Performance Report

Determine the varying levels of participation for each campaign.

Create a customized report and integrate the data from all sources.

Automate the collection of monthly data and consolidate into a management dashboard showing all key performance indicators.


Team members quickly and easily see the overall participation statistics for each campaign as well as compare the participation trends.

Easy to manage user access levels, which allows for the distribution of the information to the responsible personnel by region, district and/or individual dealer, providing valuable insight into participation levels.


With just one click, we gain valuable insight into participation levels in ALL of our programs.

MINI North America


MINI North America & Aftersales Marketing, part of a global automotive brand.


Individual dealer requests for sell sheets to help promote accessory products for their showroom vehicles.

Agency partners update sell sheets based on specific dealer requests, and provide them printed materials, which was both cost and time prohibitive.


Resolut Ads & Prints Templates

Resolut Marketing Shop

Create multiple standard templates which allow dealers to customize the sell sheets based on the specific vehicles in their showroom.

Dealer is able to choose the accessory products from a pre-approved list of items, order special adhesive paper and print within their own dealership as needed.


Central marketing and dealers benefit from a streamlined process and an increase in individual promotion and sale of accessories.

Allow dealers the opportunity to create and customize spec sheets and window labels to highlight the accessories on a showroom vehicle.

Pre-approved templates ensure that all materials meet Corporate Identity Guidelines.

Reduce the cost and time to create customized spec sheets, with integrated ordering system for special adhesive paper.


The templates let our dealers create customized sell sheets in just a few minutes, saving everyone time & money!