Marketing Portal

The Marketing Portal brings together your choice of MRM products. The Portal looks great on all devices. Makes it easy to communicate with your users.

More about the portal

Activity Planning

Distribute an overview of activities and insight to details in a structured way for the whole organization, on both the central and local levels.

  • Marketing Planner

    Marketing Planner

    Assists you in planning, publishing, and following up on central and local marketing activities.

  • Production Planner

    Production Planner

    Streamline orders and follow up on production assignments. Customized ordering forms for internal orders and overview of ongoing assignments.

Marketing Asset Management

Assemble, share and order marketing and brand assets in one single location customized for your organization.

  • Media Bank

    Media Bank

    Assemble and share digital marketing assets such as images, videos, audio files, and documents in one single location customized for your organization.

  • Online Proofing

    Online Proofing

    Simplify the revision process and track the status of the material in each step of the approval process. With automated flows you take simplifying one step further.

  • Brand Manual

    Brand Manual

    Ensure that your brand is used in the right way. Collect and make everything about your company brand accessible in a digital brand manual.

  • Marketing Shop

    Marketing Shop

    For order of ready-made brochures, give-aways or other articles. Include stock or customizable items with one or several suppliers in a single tool.

Local Multi-Channel

Increase and strengthen control over your brand with easy-to-use templates for all you can imagine channels.

  • Web to Print

    Web to Print

    Make it simple for local marketers to create professional ads and print material that follows brand guidelines and is simple to reuse.

  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing includes tools for both the central and local marketer. Easily create personalized newsletters, special-offer emails, surveys or event invitations for your customers.

  • Animated Banners

    Animated Banners

    Within 1-minute local marketers choose, edit and publish HTML5 banners that follow set graphic guidelines for their own website or purchased web space

  • Print Direct Marketing

    Print Direct Marketing

    Local marketers customize offers for their clients in postcards, letters, and folders. Address and price management is included.

  • Loyalty Program

    Loyalty Program

    Present customer loyalty programs and manage local registrants and content adaptations. Allow marketers to locally print and distribute.

  • Marketing PIM

    Marketing PIM

    Connect product data and images to ensure consistency among assets and with brand guidelines. Easily get product info into ads, product fact leaflets, sales leaflets, brochures or price signs.

Performance Analytics

Consolidate real time marketing & sales data in a dynamic and motivational dashboard. Measure, analyze and optimize marketing performances.

  • Sales & Marketing Dashboards

    Sales & Marketing Dashboards

    Easy to view data shown in motivational dashboards for all levels in your organization. Choose between dashboards for sales, target levels, market share or competitions.

  • Co-op Funding

    Co-op Funding

    Simplify the co-op application process and view the possible support funds, what is approved, what is left and what can be paid out.

  • Budget vs Sales

    Budget vs Sales

    Simplifies the budgeting process and makes the comparison of budget versus sales more motivating for the organization’s salespeople.