Marketing Planner

Assists you in planning, publishing, and following up on central and local marketing activities.

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Budget vs Sales
Simplifies the budgeting process and makes the comparison of budget versus sales more motivating for the organization’s salespeople.
Production Planner
Streamline orders and follow up on production assignments. Customized ordering forms for internal orders and overview of ongoing assignments.

Plan, publish, and follow-up on central and local marketing activities

The Resolut Planner assists you in planning, publishing, and following up on central and local marketing activities. The tool is convenient and easily managed with smart functions for all activities and campaigns throughout the organization. Easily follow-up on marketing activities in the organization, on both the central and local level.

More efficient activity planning for everyone

Resolut planner provides a shared overview, which makes planning activities easier for everyone in the organization. It is, for example, possible to centrally follow divisions’ activity and the activity distribution for different channels or different geographical areas.

Overview in different views

Easily decide how you want to display the full overview of planned activities: In GANTT chart format or list-view


Create activities

You complete the activity cards with the information needed, and thereafter are able to determine how you want to use the tool and what it should include—we are happy to help if needed. The overview is built-in. The insight in details is included.
Per month or year? With color and symbols?


Target audience customized views

Make it easier for users with targeted, customized and simple views. Decide what is displayed for different groups, divisions or markets by dividing the plan in a way that the user only sees in their own area.


Flexible and user right controlled activity cards

Connect the current campaign material, information, budget, and briefings to activity. The activity cards are filled in with one or many tabs from ready-made templates or templates designed to your selections. Popular tabs are General Info and Advertising material that may be seen by everyone. However, budgets and follow-ups should likely only be seen by certain groups.


Clear overview with colors and symbols

Improve the clarity of the planning overview in the GANTT schedule by applying colors and symbols in categories and headlines. Colors, for example, show what is done within different channels and symbols clarify products.


Follow up, evaluate, and reuse

Follow up on the completed activities by using tabs for comments and evaluation. Easily revise previous campaigns with information about, for example, target audiences and advertising units. Make use of what has been done before, and avoid continuously reinventing the wheel.


Who has done what?

How much is spent on a media channel or on a specific target audience? How many activities are planned and which are completed? The statistics give you overall control over what has been done or what needs to be done.

 Local activities


Local activities support central activities

The Planner is divided into a central and a local plan for the local user.
This gives a clear overview of how the local user should supplement central activities and what campaigns should be supplemented with.

Proposals for local activities

It is possible to propose local activities, which the user can easily copy and make their own.

Simplify with ready categories

Our experience tells us that best practice is to have as few panels as possible for the local user to complete, as well as creating easy-to-complete ready categories for guidance.

Add-on to Marketing Planner


Dashboard for central or local activities

The planner dashboard makes it easy to track both specific local activities and aggregated activities. The Dashboard is customized for your specific needs, with data about activities automatically retrieved from the Planner. Graphs are drawn with the distribution of activities from chosen categories such as marketing areas, media channels, or target audiences.



Choose to add the budget function right away or when needed. Budget functions are available both for the central planning department for marketing activities and for resellers to add their budget. As a complement, a tool for managing market support is also available.

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