Production Planner

Streamline orders and follow up on production assignments. Customized ordering forms for internal orders and overview of ongoing assignments.

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Marketing Planner
Assists you in planning, publishing, and following up on central and local marketing activities.
Media Bank
Assemble and share digital marketing assets such as images, videos, audio files, and documents in one single location customized for your organization.

Easier to order production and coordinate

The tool makes it easier to order production and coordinate the various operators that should make the orders with help from user access settings. You get an overview of which jobs are completed, divided by who delivered, by department and how much time it took.


One or many that order and produce

The management of the original production is streamlined, regardless of whether several clients or operators are involved in production. Employees can open an order form and add their order in an easy way with connection to material that should be used.


Customized ordering forms with confirmation

It is possible to set up different ordering forms that are customized for different types of orders or material. The form can be designed to require certain information in order to complete an order.
After an order is completed, the production coordinator in Resolut MRM automatically returns an order confirmation via email.

Work Order List with user right control

In the Work Order List, orders are displayed. The user right control ensures that only the client or agency’s project managers or production managers can see the orders that belong to their business or production area. The list displays the order name, client, date, status, and who has taken the job.

Quick overview of pending jobs

Get a quick and easy overview of which assignments that are completed and which are currently taken care of. By using views for central administrators that show all orders, and views for business area managers where only their orders are shown, the overview is simplified.



In the statistics report you can track orders by business area, by the person that has taken a job, which person has done what and time consumption, including calendar time that the task took to complete. The report for completed work is used as an invoice foundation for the production.

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