Animated HTML5 Banners

Within 1-minute local marketers choose, edit and publish HTML5 banners that follow set graphic guidelines for their own website or purchased web space

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Email Marketing
Email marketing includes tools for both the central and local marketer. Easily create personalized newsletters, special-offer emails, surveys or event invitations for your customers.
Print Direct Marketing
Local marketers customize offers for their clients in postcards, letters, and folders. Address and price management is included.

Make a local adaptation of an animated banner in 1 minute

It is about simplifying. The user chooses the format, locally adapted text, and, if desired, an image, before sending for publishing. Information about the sender and logotype is automatically inserted. The full process takes less than 1 minute.


Simple for the local user

Create animated banners for local marketing. The tool makes it simple for the user to locally adapt and create animated HTML5 banners that follow set graphic guidelines.  


Compatible with all platforms

Resolut HTML 5 Banners are optimized to work equally well on tablets, smartphones, and computers. The response activity is built in to the created banner.

Own images

For templates, the possibility exists to link images that can be chosen, such as product images. It is also possible to locally upload your own images to the templates, if needed.

Support campaigns with localized banners

Supplement central campaigns with the opportunity for local marketers to create digital banner ads that support the main campaign for maximal exposure.

Integrate video for a greater effect

Increase the effect of your banner with videostreaming, a great way to connect to a showroom or a commercial.

From storyboard to ready animation

Either leave a ready-made animation for us to follow, or as most of our clients do, just leave images and a script and we will handle the rest.



Follow-up your banner campaigns throughout the organization. Who has done what. How many impressions has a campaign banner and by how many local marketers has it been used. Resolut Animated HTML5 Bannerscomes with a lot of nice statistics.

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