Email Marketing

Email marketing includes tools for both the central and local marketer. Easily create personalized newsletters, special-offer emails, surveys or event invitations for your customers.

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Web to Print
Make it simple for local marketers to create professional ads and print material that follows brand guidelines and is simple to reuse.
Animated Banners
Within 1-minute local marketers choose, edit and publish HTML5 banners that follow set graphic guidelines for their own website or purchased web space

Professionally designed templates for all screens

Your email templates in Resolut MRM always come with built in responsiveness that ensures the email design works optimally on all screens. You can easily create your email from templates that are ready-made or that you build with modules that are dragged and dropped into your specific brand-customized layout. You also get the opportunity to use an HTML editor to create letters, if this is a better suited option.


Filter, segment, and direct content

Don’t send everything to everyone. Emails are most powerful when they are personalized. Create directed content based on information about the recipients such as demographics, click behavior, and survey responses.

Get Closer to Clients with Social Media

esolut Social Widgets uses dynamic content from Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The Widget shows the latest updates when the recipient opens the letter, giving you better integration between your activities in social media and your email marketing.

Become more relevant with RSS widgets

With Resolut RSS Widgets you can add your own RSS flows in a newsletter. Give your readers current offers or the latest news, regardless of when they choose to open their newsletters. We retrieve the latest information from the RSS flow when the subscriber opens their newsletter. Resolut RSS Widgets are an excellent solution for anyone who works with newsletter information or offers.


Integrate your customer records

The Resolut eNewsletter offers both ready-made integrations and a user friendly API to work more efficiently, automate the process, and exchange data between Resolut and your CRM, CMS, or other system. Integrating the Resolute Newsletter with your CRM system has several advantages, including extended opportunities for automation and increased accuracy in communication. Additionally, time and cost is saved in collection, administration, and client data management.


Landing pages

Resolut’s Email Marketing is a powerful tool in itself, but is amplified with the right landing pages. The Landing Pages, in short, are pages you link to from your email. There are various reasons for connecting a site to your email, but one of the most common, is the opportunity to describe your offer more extensively than described in emails. Different types of call to action, such as interest registration or downloading a white paper, can also be useful in getting client attention and strengthening communication. Regardless of how you use the landing pages, the Resolut tool offers a simple way of creating brand customized, responsive pages with or without a form. In the Editor you can use the drag and drop with ready elements for creating landing pages with you graphic profile in a fast manner. You also follow-up on your landing pages’ results in dynamic and convenient reports.


SMS Text Messages

You can also communicate special offers, reminders, event information, coupons and much more via text messages. Creating SMS mailing is easy, with opportunities to adapt the SMS on an individual level. Your mailing can either be sent immediately or with a set delay to give the best result. Combine newsletters and SMS for a more powerful offer. The Resolut SMS also supports Opt-out, which is the opportunity for your clients to no longer receive further communication. Easy to survey statistics displays what works best in your mailing and gives you the opportunity to see the full impact of your campaigns.



Prioritize better with the right knowledge about your target audience. Send and evaluate digital surveys, market surveys, and contests. Work efficiently in an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop options to build dynamic surveys in templates that follow your graphic profile. Combine question modules and check boxes, radio buttons, drop down lists, free text search, and other controls to create usable surveys. Simply and efficiently manage different languages in the same survey. Get access to clear reporting and follow up with the ability to filter in reports in order to see trends and relationships.



Simplify the seminar administration, exhibitions, and other events, and get more satisfied participants as a result. With Resolut Event you have full control of all your events.

Use a simple and smart interface with a drag-and-drop option to create your event content on a timeline. The timeline gives you an overview of your event, while you can see all planned mailings, reminders, SMS text messages, and evaluations. The Event module also manages invitations via email, Social Media, and reminders. With SMS or email you can automatically create reminders that result in increased registrations. Registration is done directly on a website, which you create in the same simple tool. The list of participants is continuously updated and displays sign ups, cancellations, absences, participants, registrants, wait lists, contact information, and possible requests.

På plats checkar du in dina besökare med den ständigt uppdaterade deltagarlistan som du har på en iPad eller dator. Inbjudningar och bekräftelser kan förses med automatiska länkar till rätt adress på Google Maps så att dina deltagare hittar till eventet. När eventet är över så skickas tackmailen automatiskt om du har lagt dem i ditt eventflöde och sen utvärderar du i enkelt i överskådliga rapporter.


Statistics that streamline your communication

Analyze and improve your mailing with extensive statistics, detailed individual reports for each mailing and compiled reports. Track delivery, bounces, open rates, and real-time clicks. You can also automate statistics mailing and send them to interested parties via email.

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