Loyalty Management

Present customer loyalty programs and manage local registrants and content adaptations. Allow marketers to locally print and distribute.

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Print Direct Marketing
Local marketers customize offers for their clients in postcards, letters, and folders. Address and price management is included.
Marketing PIM
Connect product data and images to ensure consistency among assets and with brand guidelines. Easily get product info into ads, product fact leaflets, sales leaflets, brochures or price signs.

Strengthen your client relations

Contrary to loyal clients that are both faithful and entice new clients, satisfied clients are not loyal. The investigation shows that a loyal client is about six times more profitable than a satisfied client.


Present the program, manage changes, registration, and local information

With our Loyalty Management tool, you’re able to present all units in your loyalty program in a smart and user friendly manner, including functions for direct registration for either all or parts of the programs. The local operators immediately see target audiences, purpose, frequency for mailing, as well as recommendations for signatories. The DR profile manages all loyalty information for each plant or office.


Fast to get started

The fact that the user rights controlled user-information already is in the system, it is fast and simple to get started with all information for the loyalty-program. The local users have a common place to update their information and choose signatories for the different units.


User right-controlled recipients

As all company and user information is setup in the system, using the Loyalty Management for your loyalty program is simple and convenient. User and rights controls are fully dynamic, and you can create groups of users that can consist of all resellers, local marketing responsible, salespeople, CEO, yourself, and more. The tool’s user groups can easily be adapted to the organization’s structure and your requirements for efficient administration.

Simple overview

Your units are displayed smart and thoroughly, with detailed information about purpose, frequency for your mailing, recommendations for signatories, target audience and more options. Local users choose between registering for the full loyalty program or for specific parts and will receive direct instructions about what is required for participation.

Extended Profile

The Extended Profile connects a user with a signature, company name, logotype, and sender information. By using an extended profile, every unique user has all relevant information connected to them, and easily signs campaign mail and the loyalty program.

Information sharing

Information is delivered in variable print format to the distributor of the loyalty program on predetermined dates. The system delivers current information about who should sign certain mailings and signatures, logotypes, and current plant information.

One or more distributors

Are there different or several companies distributing different loyalty parts? No problem—simply choose who should be the recipients for any part of the profile, and we will send relevant information solely to the correct parties. Our clients have greater freedom to choose a distributor and are thus able to save money.


Convenient to update

New sales manager? Has the responsible salesperson switched positions or companies? Through a simple update function for Extended Profile, you can easily replace people and users for the loyalty units, ensuring that the right person is always the signatory. By using the Message Manager, you can instantly send out a request to the responsible contact about reviewing information in their profiles.


Dashboards for follow ups and control

What are the characteristics of participants in your loyalty program? By using Dashboards for Loyalty Management you can instantly have an understanding of which local operators participate in the various programs. Display your graphs in a smart Dashboard, or export to Excel for further processing. A local user only sees their participation, while the regional manager is able to follow everyone in their area.

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