Marketing PIM

Connect product data and images to ensure consistency among assets and with brand guidelines. Easily get product info into ads, product fact leaflets, sales leaflets, brochures or price signs.

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Loyalty Program
Present customer loyalty programs and manage local registrants and content adaptations. Allow marketers to locally print and distribute.
Sales & Marketing Dashboards
Easy to view data shown in motivational dashboards for all levels in your organization. Choose between dashboards for sales, target levels, market share or competitions.

Central product leaflets or adaptations with product choices

In Resolut marketing PIM, you can add product information that can be later used for ads, product fact leaflets, sales leaflets, brochures, or price signs.


Manage your product data in one place

A convenient administration interface enables you to assemble all product information in one place. One or multiple images can be added to every product, as well as a product description including headline, text, and price. You can also use several parallel languages.


Faster local adaptation with product choices

A local user might want to market a certain product—now it is so easy that it won’t take much longer than reading this. The user accesses the chosen template and makes their selection. The template is completed with the selected products and accompanying headline, text, price, and other chosen factors from when the template was created. If you have given permission, all or parts of the information can be changed. Done!


An efficient marketing PIM for a simple structure

You are likely wondering what we mean by that—Resolut Marketing PIM is not a complete PIM-tool with all that it entails, instead we deliver a tool to make it easier for your business administrator to manage products, enable users to easily access templates and choose products to market.

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