Print Direct Marketing

Local marketers customize offers for their clients in postcards, letters, and folders. Address and price management is included.

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Animated Banners
Within 1-minute local marketers choose, edit and publish HTML5 banners that follow set graphic guidelines for their own website or purchased web space
Loyalty Program
Present customer loyalty programs and manage local registrants and content adaptations. Allow marketers to locally print and distribute.

In alignment with your company’s graphic profile

With centrally produced templates you set the scene for all mailing and determine to what extent design and content can be influenced by your users. Ensure that your users stay within the graphic frame and communicate messages that are compatible with what your company stands for.


Cover the entire flow from adaptation to distribution

By using price calculation, a local sender can see the cost of mailing and can choose a template from which to start. Adaptation is then carried out and a local logotype and possible signature is automatically used. Thereafter, recipients are added via Excel or from own CRM-database.


A clear price makes it easier your local users

Marketing of company products and services increases with transparency of user costs. The tool supports the opportunity of adding a price ladder with print and distribution costs based on your choice of print and distribution.


Save money with print coordination

The original and addresses are assembled and are either continuously sent or sent at set times to the print shop, the latter to decrease the cost of printing and distribution.



Get answers on questions such as: Who has done what within the organization? How many clients received the local mailing? How much did it cost?



CRM Connector for integrated client record

Retrieving addresses from a central CRM is simplified for your users through an integrated solution for address management—we call this connection CRM Connector. The users have the opportunity to combine their own addresses uploaded via Excel.

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