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Make it simple for local marketers to create professional ads and print material that follows brand guidelines and is simple to reuse.

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Marketing Shop
For order of ready-made brochures, give-aways or other articles. Include stock or customizable items with one or several suppliers in a single tool.
Email Marketing
Email marketing includes tools for both the central and local marketer. Easily create personalized newsletters, special-offer emails, surveys or event invitations for your customers.

Web to print for ads and print material

Let your users easily adapt ads and print material through templates. Every year our clients customize houndred of thousands of ads and printed materials as invitations, brochures, leaflets, product sheets, posters, price factsheet and business cards.


Spread messages faster and save time and money

Customizing the marketing collateral is fast and easy for users, resulting in material that can be efficiently distributed to clients. The brand is always maintained, while time and money are saved when originals are created from templates with predefined guidelines.


Templates that maintain your brand image

Centrally produced templates determine the extent that users can influence design and content. You can make sure that your users stay within the graphical frame and communicate messages that are compliant with what your company stands for.

Quickly made originals from templates

The template is created to align with your company’s brand profile. We create a reflection of the original document that you or your ad agency sends to us. Many opportunities exist to adjust the template; among other things, the template can have a fixed format or a flexible size.

Flexible size

The size of an ad can be customized for the user both in terms of height and width. This is a popular feature, which we first delivered in 2002, when the first pan-European client launched a campaign in 32 countries. The flexible size feature in the ad-template makes it easy to fulfill different magazines’ column-width requirements without the agency having to create a new original and use of all the purchased area.

Selection of themes simplifies adaptation

A template can include theme functionality where the user chooses between a number of variations, and an image, headline, and text are then synched. A specific choice makes a certain image together with the attached headline appear in the template. The different choices can then be edited or static, as preferred.

Logotype and other local information is inserted

A template is automatically supplied with user-specific information when a local user accesses the template; an example template may contain the user’s name, signature, and logotype.


Delivery for printing or paper

Delivering the newly adjusted original can be done in two ways: via email with a downloadable link or via FTP. The recipient then chooses the right file to download onto their page. Then one can, for example, choose the link for the preferred resolution or choose between coated or uncoated paper.


Statistics that gives you valuable insights

What has been advertised? What print material is localized? What are the most popular templates? Have all local users been active? The statistics module follows up on ads and print easily.

Add-on for Resolut Web to Print


Sign-off, central approval.

Requiring central approval before an original is automatically delivered to recipients is also an option.

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