Brand Manual

Ensure that your brand is used in the right way. Collect and make everything about your company brand accessible in a digital brand manual.

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Simplify the revision process and track the status of the material in each step of the approval process. With automated flows you take simplifying one step further.
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For order of ready-made brochures, give-aways or other articles. Include stock or customizable items with one or several suppliers in a single tool.

Ensure that your brand is used in the right way

How do you want your graphic profile to look? When can the different logotypes be used? Manage the usage of your brand down to details by distributing guidelines for how logotype and payoff is used, then communicate what your brand stands for and what principles is valid for different usage areas. The result is consistency and stringency in every aspect.


One click–constantly updated

One click enables the user to download all logotypes, fonts, or other factors that shape your brand.
There is a ready-made solution that makes it simple to create the brandpage. If you describe how logotypes can be used, you can then create the page from the chosen template, upload your logotypes, and the process is then done. The user reads about logotypes and can directly download updated logotype files.


Mobile adapted with predesigned pages or your own

We want to give flexibility in choices and simplify for our customers. You will understand what we mean when you work in our tool. Choose between creating your own pages for your brand manual from scratch or start from our selection of ready templates. For it to be simple to get started, a number of of templates and page elements are included. You build your own pages quickly and easily. It is, of course, possible to order a customized design for the pages, if needed.


The Brand Manual and the Media Bank

The brand manual document is placed in the Media Bank. It is easy to create links that lead directly to the material that the user needs. If you want to extend the use of the brand manual and collect all your media in one place, you add our product The Media Bank.


In your portal or public?

Collect all information about your brand identity and make it available for the ones you choose to see the information in your portal.
If you want to use the Brand Manual publicly, you can add this feature together with a specification that the users should have a password, or you can also publish the Brand Manual and let everyone have public access. We can integrate or link from your company website.


Statistics–follow up on how the Brand Manual is used

Follow up on what parts the users often access, who visits the Brand Manual and what media are being downloaded. The Dashboard display the most visited pages, which enables you to ensure the Brand Manual is top notch.

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