Marketing Shop

For order of ready-made brochures, give-aways or other articles. Include stock or customizable items with one or several suppliers in a single tool.

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Brand Manual
Ensure that your brand is used in the right way. Collect and make everything about your company brand accessible in a digital brand manual.
Web to Print
Make it simple for local marketers to create professional ads and print material that follows brand guidelines and is simple to reuse.

One order. Several Suppliers.

Your users can easily order static or localized marketing materials in a single order. Whether the articles are from one or multiple suppliers, they are all managed within the same order, which simplifies the process for the user.


Static or localized items

The tool manages both ready, static items, and items that must first be localized before they are distributed. One example of localized items is when the client chooses business cards that are made through a template. When business cards are ordered, a new object is saved on the user’s account and can be reused the next time an order is made.


Items from different categories are chosen and collected in the cart. Sort items by area, and easily save the completed item links. The built in function simplifies both administration and finding the items.

The Campaign Feature

In just a few clicks, the Campaign Feature makes it possible to create an ordering page with ready-made campaign items, simplifying the process for those ordering.
Add adaptable items to get a campaign order function where the items get a localized message.


Easier to order the right amount

For items that are connected to a campaign, you might have ready-made selections of groups that should have different volumes. At times, you may also require the possibility of volume adaptation. The tool enables you to easily make different volumes for different groups or gives you the opportunity to individually change the volumes.


Item data, item price, packaging, size, order point, and availability in ready-made templates

The tool makes it easy to manage both small and large number of items.
Simply upload an image to the item and set the item settings with help from ready-made templates.

Own item admin, or let the supplier

Choose if you want to manage your items in the tool or if you want to give access to your suppliers. Each supplier is assigned responsibility for their items. Because the tool is simple to use, the process is not time-consuming regardless of who does the work.

Supplier independent

Marketing Shop is a supplier independent tool. This enables you to have more freedom to change and work with your best suited supplier. Users have a single ordering function, which makes it easier.



Who ordered which items and how much was ordered? The Statistics function makes it easy to follow how many people have ordered a certain campaign material for an upcoming campaign and what volumes have been delivered.

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