Media Bank

Assemble and share digital marketing assets such as images, videos, audio files, and documents in one single location customized for your organization.

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Production Planner
Streamline orders and follow up on production assignments. Customized ordering forms for internal orders and overview of ongoing assignments.
Online Proofing
Simplify the revision process and track the status of the material in each step of the approval process. With automated flows you take simplifying one step further.

A designed Media Bank that nurtures the brand

A digital asset management solution (DAM) designed to fit successful brands that require powerful tools. Your logotype is exposed in a correct way, with the tools’ design following your graphic guidelines and your logotypes included in emails with downloadable links.



Easily upload and multi-index multiple media simultaneously. A number of different image-formats are automatically created for download as thumbnails and file-format. The Media Bank manages most file formats, with over 200 formats.
Decide in advance the formats that should be available for download and if you want to write own text for use and copyrights.


Playable formats, video, and audio

Stream, listen or watch videos, radio, and audio files instantly.
You can choose between storing your files and categorizing them in your search results and then streaming the videos on, for example, YouTube. You can even listen to your company’s pods and radio jingles.

Marketing Asset Bank in figures

200 +
Supported files
80 368
Number of users
25 000 +
Total storage in GB

Send files in mail using a link

Do you want to send material from the Media Bank to a user outside the tool? You can quickly send files via mail with a link to the media you have chosen. The user can determine a suitable fileformat and download. This is convenient as no media is sent via mail.

Automatic previews

When you upload your original media, preview images are automatically generated in different sizes for a simple overview. You then get a quick preview that is adapted to the tool you are working with.

Find the right material in no time

By using smart indexing you can easily keep track of all your assets and quickly find what you are looking for. Use categories that you easily administer yourself, or search by text. Placing the files in a folder structure is, of course, also an option.

For your mobile users

In the function – use path – there is a “mobile view”. The search result will then be adapted to smartphone-users. It is also possible to easily change to full Media Bank mode, if the user wishes.


Favorites- multiple lightboxes

You easily save your own media collections in personal favorite folders, which you can name after content. If you want to send the collection, it is easily done in a few seconds. The recipient receives an email with a link to a downloadable page with the company logotype in the top.

Image rights and time limit

Following the rights a media has should be easy. You can ensure and inform about copyright information, and can easily follow which images need to be bought or archived.
There are also opportunities for time limited media to be sorted in an archive folder or be moved to a separate folder.

Flexible user rights—and user right management—who should see what in the tooling

The user right management in the tool supports you having an unlimited amount of user groups. We know that you want administration to be easy.
The user rights management determines which groups or users should see what—for example, folders or single media.


What about when photographers or ad agencies need to upload files?

The Hot-folders function enables easy and automatic upload of all material on a FTP. You can also preset required categorization for uploading material, making it easier for all users and administrators. You can make sure the material stays in a folder for approval before the uploaded media is publicly accessible.


Easy to customize

We have built smart functions in the Media Bank that makes it easy to get started and customize the tool after your specific needs. We will of course help if you wish.
Easily build the categorization. Move media and folders easily and conveniently by using drag-and-drop. This makes it easier for everyone in your organization to manage your digital assets.


Simplify the search paths

Guide your user to a ready search. This makes things easier, both for you as an administrator and for your users. Place the link in the menu, on the landing page, or on a separate landing page for all you digital assets. A webpage you easily build yourself. With one single click, you can choose whether the final search path should be displayed with thumbnails, as a slideshow, or in a separate adapted mode for mobile users.


Present with slideshow and streamed video

Create presentations quickily and easily. Save, index, and stream your commercials from, for example, YouTube in the Media Bank. Combine with a slideshow of your search results and a complete presentation is created.


Follow-up and control

What material is most frequently accessed? The follow-up module enables you to quickly track which media has been downloaded and allows you to get answers on what was most popular during a certain period. View your graphs in a well-designed Dashboard, or export to Excel for further processing.



The tool is currently accessible in 10 languages. More languages will be added if needed.

CMS Integration / Media Hub

Link parts of your Media Bank to your public website, for example for press images or product leaflets.


Embedded metadata is read from the image and used as categorization. Categorization performed on the image is then used for searches.

SSO Integration/API

A security solution, where users can login directly from your company’s intranet.

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