On-line Proofing

Simplify the revision process and track the status of the material in each step of the approval process. With automated flows you take simplifying one step further.

Media Bank
Assemble and share digital marketing assets such as images, videos, audio files, and documents in one single location customized for your organization.
Brand Manual
Ensure that your brand is used in the right way. Collect and make everything about your company brand accessible in a digital brand manual.

Simplify the revision process all the way

Approvals, revisions, comments, and follow ups. All in one. In a structured way.
Approval of the advertising material and campaigns is simplified from planning and initial proposals to final review. The collaboration between client and agency is simplified. But sometimes there are more that should be involved, such as legal, information, and sales departments.

Review and approve creative content

Streamline review and approval of creative content. Provide feedback quickily and easily. Realtime discussion threads make collaboration easy.

Limit sending of emails

Limit emails by collecting feedback for each approval in the tool. Let your users decide how often they want email notifications.

Gain control of changes

Make sure that changes are made correctly. This is done more carefully and faster with help from a powerful version management, where what has been completed and what needs to be completed can be compared. This will speed up the process and decrease the number of versions by up to a third.

Supports over 150 filetypes, including video

Review and highlight what has to be done before approval for print, web, interaction, email, video, and much more. 150 file types are supported, both static and playable, such as PDF, Adobe CS, Word, PPT, JPEG, websites, and audiovisual files such as MPG, AVI, MOV, as well as animated and interactive SWF files.


A unique workflow saves time and enhances quality

Flows can be adapted in the tool. Decide how approval, revision, comments, or inspection should be carried out and adapt for different groups or types of material.
Unique workflow also enables standardized work and ensures the quality of originals. The process is faster, from draft to the final print.

Approve via the browser

No particular software needs to be installed. Getting a preview should be easy. With the tool, users can approve material directly via the browser.

On Mac, PC, tablet, or smartphone

Approve files on a Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone. Fast access and mobility together with a tool that supports collaboration to ensure that the team gets ready quickly and easily.

Follow the status of the approval process

Online proofing gives you control of how far the material is in the approval process, what is commented on, and what groups are remaining before the material is approved. You get both an overview and detailed insights.

Structure with folders and tags

Do you have large amounts of material and want to create better order? Maybe you have different divisions in the company. Use folders and structure in a way that fits the desired workflows. With the help of tags, finding material will be easier.


Dashboard and reports

Choose the way that you want to track status. You can build a consolidated view that is easy to search or a more specific report with help from the built-in tool.

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