The Resolut Marketing Portal collects your selection of MRM products in a responsive tool, with a user friendly infrastructure for communicating with your users.

Budget vs Sales
Simplifies the budgeting process and makes the comparison of budget versus sales more motivating for the organization’s salespeople.
Production Planner
Streamline orders and follow up on production assignments. Customized ordering forms for internal orders and overview of ongoing assignments.

Marketing Portal for communicating with your users

Your selection of marketing tools is collected in the Marketing Portal, which also contains the statistical function. You can communicate with users with easy to use tools.


Dynamic user right management

The user and user right management interface is fully dynamic. You can create user groups on your own. A group can consist of all resellers, while it is also possible to split the group into local marketing executives, salesmen, the CEO, etc. The tools’ user groups are easily adapted to the organizational design and your demands for effective administration. A user-specific login enables this feature.

Flexible standard or fully brand-customized

The standard solution is delivered with a unique URL, a login page with one of the color choices you have made, your own logotype, and your chosen landing page layout.
Do you want a portal specifically built for your brands guidelines? This is an additional feature which, in most cases, we can easily cater to. We have broad and deep experience working with brand-customization.

Easy to get started

A number of site templates and site elements are provided from the start that makes it possible to quickly create your own landing pages, campaign pages, or information pages where you can describe a specific marketing tool for your organization.
Information updates are easily performed directly on the page. Moving and adding sections on a site, as well as setting user rights for which groups can see a new item is also possible.

Own URL and login page

We know how important your brand is. We provide an adapted URL with your company name, as well as a login page where you can easily upload your own images and add information directed to the login user. By using a selected frequency, it is also possible to add documents with terms that the user has to accept.

Who should see what?

Easily manage which groups should see what in the portal. Managing rights for different sections on the same page is also an option. In a few seconds, you can choose to display selected news for a group of users and other news for a different group. The message manager function enables you to quickly send mail with news items, such as material or campaign info, for all users or a specific user group.


Smart design on all units; including smartphones

The pages that you create from the pre-designed templates are responsive and adapt to the unit that is used. This function is good for usage on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


Simplified login with Single Sign On, SSO

Enable your users that are already logged into another system to directly access the marketing portal without an additional password. This feature is available in the add-on feature Simple or Federated Single Sign On, SSO.


Multiple landing pages and Brand Switch

Easily create parallel landing pages with targeted information for all users belonging to a specific business area group or a country. Multiple landing pages make it easy to publish news or other information in, for example, different languages.


Communicate with your users efficiently

Our message function enables you to email everyone or selected user groups. Our CMS-tool enables you to quickly and easily create, update or start campaigns and information pages. This is done from premade layouts that are adapted for mobile devices.


Possibility to enlarge to an extensive extranet

We offer flexible bundled solutions on demand. We have solutions for smaller bundles of pages for a larger extranet. Many of our clients combine several extranets in the same solution through access management. One of our clients has, for example, 5 extranet and 3,500 users in the same platform.


The Marketing Portal includes follow-up for evaluation and statistics

The first view of the follow-up gives you a fast and general overview if, for example, you want to learn what the most popular pages in the portal are or which pages are most attractive to users.

In the same place, comprehensive statistical reports for the products that you have chosen to assemble in your Marketing Portal are also available.

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