Budget vs Sales

Simplifies the budgeting process and makes the comparison of budget versus sales more motivating for the organization’s salespeople.

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Co-op Funding
Simplify the co-op application process and view the possible support funds, what is approved, what is left and what can be paid out.
Marketing Planner
Assists you in planning, publishing, and following up on central and local marketing activities.

The budget is added

The tool supports adding the budget on different levels within the organization, and on an individual level. The budget is either added in a form adapted to what needs to be included or by uploading an Excel file.
Even if the individual adds their budget, the office manager or reseller may adjust the budget before it moves on to the next level.

Track the developing budget in convenient dashboard and reports

Along with the sales budget being added, the total organizational budget can be developed in a visually appealing dashboard in combination with numerical reports.

Approve the budget step-by-step

Approval of the budget is done step-by-step for selected parts of the organizational hierarchy.

Real sales numbers are shown in the dashboard and compared with the budget

the sales year starts, the budgeted sales are compared with the daily sales data, integrated from your business system.

Share across your organization and time mailing

Send out login information in mail or with direct login.
Choose the built in feature to send out timed mail or manually send out as needed.


Individual views with own information

A user only sees their own information. The tool supports that information is shown hierarchically from individual level, or aggregated on store/reseller level, and thereafter district, region, country, and central level.
Imagine how simple things will be when the regional manager can see its resellers aggregated data in one smart dashboard report, and when the specific reseller’s report only is one click away.

Structure and calculate

Decide what should be displayed in the dashboard and how. The Dashboards support calculations, and also how data should be summed when it’s aggregated.

Choose graphs

We help you set up your dashboard. You can choose between a variety of different graphs and ways of displaying the information.


Mobile adapted and in the cloud

The dashboard is, of course, adapted for mobile usage for marketers and sellers on-the-go. Everything is in the cloud. You do not have to install anything, but only choose apply. We handle the rest for you.

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