Co-op Funding

Simplify the co-op application process and view the possible support funds, what is approved, what is left and what can be paid out.

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Sales & Marketing Dashboards
Easy to view data shown in motivational dashboards for all levels in your organization. Choose between dashboards for sales, target levels, market share or competitions.
Budget vs Sales
Simplifies the budgeting process and makes the comparison of budget versus sales more motivating for the organization’s salespeople.

Simplify the Market Support management

Save time and money by simplifying market support management with an automatized process that provides full overview and control. Forget about time consuming and difficulties in follow up management. The Market Support tool collects everything, for all involved, in one single tool.


Follow an application all the way

How much support can you get? What activities are supports requested for? Easily track applications and view what has been approved, what is left to use and what will be paid out.

Show how much support can be provided

One simple way, directly in the tool, to show support available for each unit. Now, the first step is taken for a simplified process.

Individual views

A reseller only sees their own information. A regional manager sees all its resellers, together or separately. The information can be displayed in both the dashboard and the company report.

Application and proof upload

An application for Market Support is completed in less than one minute. The user just fills out the application category and the requested amount. In the next tab, a proof is uploaded, such as an invoice.

Approval and comments on the application

When an application is completed it can be viewed in the dashboard, via mail or in the overview. Approval is simple and the reseller can read any comments that are given.


Follow-up, check, and reimburse

All approvals, rejections, and possible reimbursements can easily be tracked in the dashboard by everyone involved, while what is displayed depends on permission level. When the time period expires and applications are processed, administration reviews this information in a list that displays applied for and approved reimbursement.
The list can easily be exported to Excel to facilitate pay-out.

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