Sales & Marketing Dashboards

Easy to view data shown in motivational dashboards for all levels in your organization. Choose between dashboards for sales, target levels, market share or competitions.

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Marketing PIM
Connect product data and images to ensure consistency among assets and with brand guidelines. Easily get product info into ads, product fact leaflets, sales leaflets, brochures or price signs.
Co-op Funding
Simplify the co-op application process and view the possible support funds, what is approved, what is left and what can be paid out.

Data for dashboards

Take your reports from a boring Excel sheet to a smart dashboard, with the ability to choose from one or several data sources. Choose graphs and make calculations. We will help you. By using auto-import, you make it easier to show updated information. Timed messages for your user groups are also built in, as well as mobile adaptation.


Built-in support to minimize admin-time

The information is automatically transferred to a certain user or reseller when the data source is read in. Therefore, you do not have to distribute Excel files. This means extensive time-saving on both a central and regional level.


Choose the data-source you want to use

Use data from the data source you want to display the information. Your options are extensive, because you can both use and combine almost any data source you want. Example data sources include data from campaign info in Resolut MRM, from your own CRM or business system, the users manually programmed data within the tool, or an uploaded Excel file.


Individual views with own information

A user only sees their own information. The tool supports information shown hierarcially from individual level, aggregated on a store/reseller level, and thereafter district, region, country, and central level.
Imagine how simple it will be when the regional manager can see its resellers aggregated data in one smart dashboard, and when the specific reseller’s report is only one click away.

Mobile adapted and in the cloud

The dashboard is, of course, adapted for mobile usage for marketer and sellers that are on the go.
Everything is in the cloud. You do not have to install anything, but only select the application. We handle the rest for you.

Structure and calculate

Decide what should be displayed in the dashboard and how. The Dashboards supports calculations and how data should be summed upon aggregation.

Choose graphs

We give you a ready-made example on your dashboard. It is also possible to choose between a number of different variations of graphs and ways to display information.

Share within your organization and time mailing

Send out login information in an email or through direct login.
Choose the built in function for timed mailing or manually send out mail when needed.


Sales competititon

Leaderboard and ranking is kept up-to-date in a quick and easy way. Easily create information pages with goals and rules, manage point giving and occationally cheer on participants or send timed mail. Everything you need for simple administration is included. Participants themselves can also choose and order their prizes in a feature that can be added.


Sales report

Provide every user with a visual overview of their sales. Now is the time to stop sending Excel files, and instead, ensure that everyone gets updated sales reports. Reports showing individual salespersons’ performance that can be aggregated up to views to show what is sold by the reseller, region, or in total.
The sales manager can, with one click, get a visual overview of sales or to choose a more in-depth report on an individual or office level, for example.


Goal fulfillment and bonus

Inform salesmen and resellers about goal fulfilment in an easy way. Included is a tool that motivates upselling.
Display goal fulfillment in a professional dashboard. Combine with how much bonus will be paid. Or take the opportunity to show how much more needs to be sold to reach the next bonus level and how much bonus that level gives. That drives the sales. The calculation tool is included in the dashboard.


Own Dashboards

Select Dashboard content for your organization’s needs. Combine data sources and create your organization’s very own report. Now, you have the opportunity to track specific KPIs—Key Performance Indicators—that you are interested in, all in one Dashboard. At the same time, you can give more people the opportunity to see a common view or a customized view, depending on the level the user has access to.

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